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The Medical Association of Dental Educators at work

For years now GSADE was focused on helping diabetes educators to spread the word about the disease that effects so many Americans to our association members. Times have changed though and we’re now also focusing more of our time and attention to the entire medical community and ensuring education across multiple disciplines. One such area we’ll be delving more into is compliance with HIPAA regulations and educating the medical community on how to get and stay compliant.

When it comes to HIPAA Compliance, an alarming number of medical professionals, like dentists, have no idea how to become and remain compliant. And the numbers are even worse with orthodontists according the state of California! But there is hope and that hope comes from

Get HIPAA compliant today and avoid federal fines
HIPAA Compliance from

We’re dedicated to helping every dental professional not only understand what HIPAA stands for (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability), but also showing them how they can stay in the good graces of the Federal Government by maintaining their HIPAA Compliance scores. If you’ve never had a HIPAA audit done, now is the time. Learn more about health education work we do in North America.

In the near future, the development team will be bringing out our FREE HIPAA Compliance Audit software that will make testing and compliance as easy as pushing a button. Say good bye to potential federal fines and say hello to keeping your dental practice in compliance.

We will also continue our health organization work on Diabetes and educating the public about the disease that affects so many of us here in the Untied States. Like before, lifestyle changes are the number one way to combat Diabetes